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E-mail Ian McPherson, Librarian
E-mail Ian McPherson, Librarian
Clivia Club Books for Sale:

Clivia Society Year Book 14 and 15 have finally arrived! Members are now enjoying reading their latest copies.

Also in stock:

Clivia Society Year Books from YB1 to YB13. Incredible information and should be read every year! All priced at $10 instead of the usual $25.

Original Graham Duncan- Grow Clivia with basic information on how to grow these plants- $15each

Cultivation of Clivia produced by Clivia Society with lots of extra information including Chart of Pests and Mineral Deficiencies affecting Clivia $15 each.

‘Illustrated Terms and Definitions for Describing Clivia’ by William McClelland in California. Clear details on describing your plants to other enthusiasts and understanding of your own plant in detail -$40

Clivia News- Quarterly newsletter of the South African Clivia Society. Limited numbers available from Vol 9.1.2000 to Vol 22.4.2013.

All prices exclude packaging and postage.

All books are available at our meetings and shows for general sale.

Note: Clivia Society is the South African Organisation which we are affiliated to, but a separate membership is required to receive the Yearbook and several information packed newsletters a year. At NZD36 a year it is well worth this cost for the extra exciting articles that appear. For more information please contact Tony Barnes.

Purchase and enquiries contact our librarian Ian McPherson, 09-4806847 or write to 20 Parkhill Road, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626.
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